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Here we have prepared phrasal verbs exercises with answers for esl students. Phrasal verbs exercises cambridge university press. Phrasal verbs consist of a verb plus a particle preposition, adverb. Replace the highlighted word in the sentence with one of the phrasal verbs given below to convey the same meaning. Get get ahead to progress along get with to be friendly with someone awayget to escape get back to return to the original starting place get behind to fail to do work according to schedule to have just enough money to surviveget by into troubleget to do something not allowed and be found out.

Most native speakers use these all time, so the more you use them, the more natural you will sound. Exercise on the phrasal verbs of to take at autoenglish. Phrasal verbs exercises intercambio idiomas online. The more formal a conversation or text, the less phrasal verbs are found. Catch up with you go ahead ill catch up with you later. Review the fifteen phrasal verbs you need for this exercise here.

Phrasal verbs fill in the correct form ph005 intermediate. There are 5 to 10 phrasal verb questions will be asked in all banking exams. Table of contents to the teacher iv to the student v 1. A phrase that consists of a verb and a preposition, the meaning of which changes from the individual verb and preposition alone. Phrasal verbs are a key part of learning informal english. Lets take an exercise of phrasal verbs for its better understanding. September 2, 2017 each sentence given below contains an incomplete phrasal verb. Like idioms, its often hard to understand the meaning of a phrasal verb by looking at the words comprising it. Read the sample sentences and try to guess the meaning of each phrasal verb, then match them with the correct definitions. Phrasal verbs can be a very confusing part of learning english. Advanced choose the correct preposition to complete each of the following sentences. These have a slightly different approach to phrasal verb learning. You can listen to the text by pressing the play button at the end. October 22, 2017 fill in the blanks with appropriate phrasal verbs.

The particle can change the meaning of the verb completely, e. Phrasal verbs pdf worksheets english vocabulary and grammar. All downloads are in pdf format and consist of a worksheet and answer sheet to check your results. Here you can find the pdf file with an authentic set of question for phrasal verbs. If there was a word i didnt understand, she used to. In this part of the site, you will be able to put into practice what you have learned.

Sep 20, 2018 learn useful english phrasal verbs list with meanings and esl printable worksheets. In english grammar, a phrasal verb is composed of two or three words one verb is. Phrasal verb is a combination of a verb and a preposition or an adverb. Test yourself with our free english language quiz about phrasal verbs come. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Use the words in the box to complete the sentences with phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs english grammar online free exercises. Phrasal verbs worksheets for esl english phrasal verbs. Phrasal verbs are two or three word verbs whose meanings are very different from the meanings of the individual words in the expression. Printable and online phrasal verbs exercises for teachers and students hang up, let down, throw out, end up with, get. She is depending on the bank loan for her higher study. Phrasal verbs fill in the correct form ph2 intermediate. The following list of phrasal verbs will help you master a variety of idiomatic combinations.

Phrasal verbs worksheets, printable exercises pdf, handouts. Most of the aspirants get to struggle to clear the english language. Pdf phrasal verbs exercise patricia bustos academia. Choose the correct form of a phrasal verb from the box to replace the words in italics in the sentences below. These exercises will help you use phrasal verbs correctly. Phrasal verb is a phrase that made up of verb along with one or two words.

Phrasal verbs worksheets for esl english phrasal verbs printables. Perhaps some day it will be pleasant to look back on these school adventures. Phrasal verbs exercises with answers grammar in english. Test your knowledge with this interactive grammar exercise. Phrasal verbs fill in the correct form ph3 intermediate. He is inviting trouble if he quarrel with the house owner. We were talking about the weather and then she brought up the election. May be freely copied for personal or classroom use. Exercise 2 phrasal verbs solutions oxford university press.

However, often english course books present them in a completely random way which makes them very dif. Worksheet 2 phrasal verbs in context exercise 1 things we do every day these very common phrasal verbs are used to describe the type of actions that we do every day. These very common phrasal verbs are used to describe the type of actions that we do every day. Sometimes a difference in syntax or word order of a phrasal verb can also result in different idiomatic meanings. Students work together to generate as many legitimate phrasal verbs as possible. The first thing to do is understand what a phrasal verb is the cambridge dictionary defines a phrasal verb as. Review the fifteen phrasal verbs you need for this exercise here here. Two boxes contain a the most common verbs that make up phrasal verbs b the most common particles that make up the second part of phrasal verbs. While a student is not required to learn all of them, they must at least be familiar with the most common phrasal verbs. The osmall wordso in phrasal verbs are important, because they completely change the meaning. Using this phrasal verbs dictionary to improve your english vocabulary and help your english sound naturally like a native. Attempt the following exercises then compare your answers with the correct answers given below. The following lesson plan presents eight new phrasal verbs using a literary text as a starting point.

Phrasal verbs pdf worksheets english vocabulary and. Phrasal verbs with up complete the first part of the phrasal verbs. Written by bob wilson robert clifford mcnair wilson 2007 the phrasal verbs of to go exercise a match the phrasal verbs with their meaning and then translate them. Phrasal verbs are commonly used by native speakers in everyday conversation so its important to learn them if you want to sound more natural in english. Phrasal verbs fill in the correct form ph1 intermediate. Complete the exercise with the correct forms of the phrasal verbs in the boxes. Phrasal verbs pdf is ready to download now in the below section. In these exercises, you have to complete the gaps in the sentences choosing.

We have a comprehensive phrasal verb guide on the site, with definitions of 700 phrasal verbs and over examples. Here you will find many phrasal verbs english grammar exercises at all levels so you can practice and improve your knowledge of phrasal verbs in english. This is teaching phrasal verbs as you would teach any other difficult words in a text. Complete phrasal verbs list phrasal meaning example verb abide by. Phrasal verbs with the verb come exercise english grammar.

Phrasal verbs exercises with answers phrasal verbs quiz. Phrasal verbs exercise 1 choose the correct phrasal verb. If you want to get started on the report, please go ahead. Get matching vocabulary exercise match the phrasal verbs from the dialogue to the meaning. If both responses are acceptable, choose both are correct. Break up jenny broke up with her boyfriend yesterday. Because idiomatic usage is quite irregular, it can be learned more efficiently by memorization and frequent practice than by learning rules. Complete the expression by supplying a suitable preposition or adverb particle. She puts a small amount every month towards her retirement. Take to take after resemble another person ttake away o remove backtake to return something care oftake 1 to provide care for care oftake 2 to arrange for something to happen to take down record in writing ttake off 1 o rise from the ground used for airplanes or rockets.

Written by bob wilson robert clifford mcnair wilson 2007 the phrasal verbs of to take exercise a match the phrasal verbs with their meaning and then translate them. Phrasal verbs are mainly used in spoken english and informal texts. A short story with phrasal verbs read this text of three short paragraphs with more than 30 phrasal verbs, using get, take, do, go, put, make and more reading with exercise. This is a free intermediate english grammar quiz and esl worksheet. This grammar exercise tests your understanding of common phrasal verbs in english. Rectify your mistakes according to the correct responses. You will learn all of their meanings through clear explanations and example sentences. The learners deduce the meaning of the phrasal verbs from. Match the phrasal verb on the left with its meaning on the right. Complete phrasal verbs list phrasal verb meaning example abide by accept or follow a decision or rule. Write sentence using phrasal verbs, definition, question and answers for phrasal verbs, phrasal verbs printable exercises, phrasal verbs pdf, phrasal verbs quiz, definitions and examples of grammar in english english grammar for teachers general english question and answer english interview quiz general english for tnpsc exams. Here are some exercises with phrasal verbs using the verb come and the prepositions. Dont try to learn phrasal verbs with take or phrasal verbs with get or phrasal verbs with go.

Phrasal verbs worksheets for esl english phrasal verbs printables printable exercises, classroom materials, phrasal verbs tests. In this study guide, we will teach you 19 phrasal verbs with get. Intermediate choose whether or not each phrasal verb is separable or not separable in the context of each sentence. Learning and using phrasal verbs is an extremely important part of mastering english. Worksheet 2 phrasal verbs in context things we do every day food. D replace the phrases in brackets with phrasal verbs. Aug 31, 2017 several phrasal verbs in english use the word get. By verb here we concentrate on the main ten or fifteen verbs with which prepositions are put to make phrasal verbs. Dont forget to test your knowledge with the exercises at the end. Choose the correct preposition and form meaningful sentences. Read and practice with the question for fine learning. Unit1 phrasal verbs the university of michigan press. A phrasal verb consists of a verb and a preposition or adverb that modifies or changes the meaning.

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